What’s Unique about Pest Control in the East Valley?


In the East Valley and throughout Arizona, some of the most common uninvited pests in and around the places in which we reside are: ants, scorpions, cockroaches, black widow spiders, crickets, termites, bed bugs and ticks. Googling for “Pest Control Queen Creek AZ” or “Pest Control Gilbert AZ?” TruForce is the Arizona Pest Control expert.

At the top of the list is ants. The reason has to do with our weather patterns. With a typically warm climate, ants can literally live a heavenly existence in Arizona. With literally thousands of varieties of ants, not to mention hundreds of hiding places they love to congregate, it is nearly impossible to keep them at bay once they’ve moved in. TruForce can find their nests in chimneys, bath traps, hot water heater vents, even wall voids. We send them packing.

Second most familiar pest In the East Valley and throughout Arizona: scorpions. The most dangerous is the Bark Scorpion, as its sting can be fatal, especially to the very young and old. Homeowners who try to control scorpions with nightly hunts using a black light can find the process both exhausting and perplexing. That’s because scorpions are adept at hiding and crossing over barriers. The TruForce Pest team can establish very real barriers to ensure you never again find a scorpion in your home, or around your property.

East Valley pest control is rife with spiders. The black widow and brown spider both leave venomous bites that can be painful and even life-threatening. Once they find a friendly environment in which to thrive, getting them to leave is tricky. TruForce Pests is effective at finding spider nests and purging them as well as making your home and yard most inhospitable for these deadly visitors to return!

A recent challenge in our Gilbert Pest Control efforts involved the fourth pest on the East Valley list: roaches. We helped a homeowner clean up a problem that was intermittent for six years. With roaches capable of transmitting disease and food poisoning, and with names like German, Oriental, Surinam and Turkestan, its best to work with an expert like TruForce Pest who can ban roaches completely from your surroundings!

TruForce is the ultimate force for pest elimination in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, not to mention surrounding cities and the wider Phoenix metropolitan area. Call for an estimate today. We’ll have your pests in our sites tomorrow!

TruForce Pest is the premiere pest control service in Arizona.

There are hundreds of companies in the East Valley pest control business who provide everything from one-time treatments to regular service, with varying degrees of success. What TruForce offers is a service that is unrivaled. If you don’t believe us, just ask our clients! For Gilbert pest control, Scottsdale pest control, or even Queen Creek pest control, you won’t find a better company, or product. We guarantee it!

Here’s why. TruForce has more than 10 years’ experience dealing with the specific pests that make life difficult in Arizona. We don’t just throw the latest chemical on the problem and hope it will go away. We have our own proprietary, customized mix of non-toxic, and even 100% natural products, as well as a plan to solve your problem permanently.

Our pests here in the East Valley are well known. More about them in a moment… We want to assure you that with our mix of knowledge, experience and customization of treatment plans, you will have made your final search for “Pest Control Scottsdale AZ” or any other city in which you reside. TruForce Pest is the Tru answer, to your pesky pest problems.

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