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As we Arizonans know, summer is the time when we see even more scorpions, and it’s hardly a pleasant thought! As a pest control Gilbert, pest control Queen Creek, pest control Mesa, pest control Scottsdale company, TruForce Pest is on top of the problem. Here are a few suggestions for steps you can take to remove your scorpion problem before calling TruForce. However, if you already have an infestation, we recommend you let us take over; as scorpion control experts, we’ll do it right!

The depressing fact is that scorpions can go for up to 12 months without a single morsel of food. That makes the process of trying to control and eradicate them downright maddening.

Scorpion season is coming!

Here are a few tips to use to keep your home scorpion-free. These can even be effective if you already have a slight problem:

  • Weather-strip your doors and windows so even a business card can’t be slipped through.
  • Seal all cracks around windows with silicone or caulk.
  • Seal the house where pipes, electric wires and vents extrude.
  • Don’t leave wet clothes or towels lying around inside or outside the home.
  • Don’t leave shoes, boots, clothes or towels outdoor to attract scorpions.
  • Remove debris from the yard, including piles of wood, leaves and junk.
  • Use a mulch other than redwood bark in your flowerbeds, as scorpions LOVE this!
  • Prune bushes around the house that touch the home, to keep scorpions from the roof and chimney.
  • Switch your outdoor lights from white to yellow, as white attracts more bugs.
  • Use pyrethroid insecticides.
  • Set off a bug bomb in the attic. It won’t kill the scorpions but it removes their food source: other bugs.
  • At night go hunting for scorpions using a black light that makes them glow. Crush any you find.

To protect little ones

  • Set the legs of a crib inside a glass bottle (scorpions can’t climb on glass).
  • Turn on the lights at night and don’t walk where wet clothing is piled. Wear shoes outside.

Believe it or not, more than 50 percent of all calls we get are for scorpions. Obviously, they’re very much at home here in Arizona, which calls for desperate measures. Call us and we’ll give you the TruForce advantage! We’re the scorpion control Arizona experts!

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