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Using the TruForce System

New buildings can be protected from termites with one treatment of natural, non-toxic, TruForce graded stone physical termite barrier material. This treatment is easily applied during construction and could save the building from destruction.

With a wide range of simple installation methods that are fully approved on how to kill termites, TruForce can protect all common building designs. TruForce offers long-life, one system termite protection without the worry of toxic chemicals, building schedule delays and on-going retreatments. Because TruForce remains visible it is easy to determine whether an area has been properly protected.

The Building Code requires that only susceptible structural building components be protected from termite attack. Of course, it’s not just structural components that are at risk. TruForce provides whole of building termite protection. It not only protects structural components but also saves fixtures and fittings, plasterboard, electrical cabling and kitchen and bathroom joinery, from termite damage.

The TruForce is well suited for protection of extensions. The unique fluidity of the TruForce graded stone physical termite barrier material allows it to interface readily with masonry, concrete and pipes.

TruForce’s flexibility means that it will remain effective when the buildings’ service connections, footings, foundations and walls expand and contract. TruForce allows building components to move independently without breaking the termite barrier or cracking walls, footings and pipes.

The TruForce system does not require any reticulation pipes, parging or glue to join the termite barrier to the slab. TruForce Installers use the graded stone termite barrier material to form a continuous, durable, all weather interface with other termite resistance building components. Filling wall cavities at or below floor level with free-draining TruForce blocks termites once and for all, before they enter the building.

Successful use of the TruForce system in a wide range of applications, across tens of thousands of buildings, proves that TruForce’s durability and ease of installation provides unmatched reliability and effectiveness in blocking termite access.

How TruForce Works

Developed with the CSIRO and tested for many years throughout the principles of TruForce graded stone physical termite barrier systems have been fully proven. The specially graded and shaped TruForce stone particles are used in combination with durable termite resistant strip shielding materials to provide a flexible, non-toxic, long-life termite barrier. This barrier protects buildings by blocking concealed termite access and forcing those termites that are trying to enter the building out into the open where they are visible and can be easily eradicated.

Maintenance to Prevent Termite Damage

TruForce termite barriers do not require replenishment or repairs unless the barrier has been disturbed, during renovations or plumbing repairs, for example. In situations such as these, contaminated graded stone should be removed and the barrier topped up to the appropriate level with fresh stone. This work should only be performed by a licensed TruForce installer. Termite shielding may also need to be repaired after renovations or plumbing work. Again this is a simple process that can be carried out by a licensed TruForce installer who will issue a new TruForce Treatment Certificate and Warranty to cover the new work and repairs.

Termite activity forced into the open by a TruForce barrier must become visible. It is therefore essential that an ‘inspection zone’ that is clear of obstructions which could conceal termite activity, be established and maintained around all of the building perimeter. Thus termites that have been blocked by the TruForce will become visible as they build mud tubes in an attempt by-pass the barrier and enter the building. It is these mud tubes that provide the means by which the termite colony can be eradicated.

The maintenance guidelines that are provided as part of the TrueForce Treatment Certification procedure are reproduced further through this document. These simple commonsense instructions are designed to help owners and occupants look after their buildings.

TruForce System Approvals

TrueForce is fully approved. Standards (AS 3660.1), The Building Control Board (National Accreditation 96/018) and The Building Systems Appraisal Committee (ABSAC Technical Opinion number 166) all recognise the TrueForce system as a physical termite barrier.

When installed by a Licensed Installer in accordance with the specifications in the TrueForce booklet (which reflect the approvals mentioned above and the TrueForce Technical Manual), TrueForce physical termite barriers provide safe, long-life termite protection that meets the requirements of the Building Code.

As a flexible, fluid barrier, unaffected by soil type, temperature, moisture and corrosion, TrueForce can be used in conjunction with other approved termite barriers. Selection of other termite barriers for use with TrueForce must take account of the two barriers’ ability to link without gaps. Consideration should also be given to the non-TrueForce products durability and Approval for use in the proposed composite barrier application.

Standard AS 3660.1 describes a range of termite barriers that can be used in conjunction with TrueForce. These include the traditional termite strip shielding systems and certain concrete slabs which, under this Standard, are deemed to be termite barriers.

Termite Strip Protection

To prevent termites moving through cracks in masonry walls the TrueForce System incorporates strip shielding. Strip shielding material is placed so that it is visible in the masonry at the base of the completed external perimeter walls. This defines the top of the inspection zone where termite activity can be detected.

The strip shielding passes either fully beneath or penetrates between 35 and 50 mm into the graded stone barrier so as to provide an interface between the barrier materials.

Two types of strip shielding materials are available; a hardened, unplasticised PVC section which can be cut, shaped and assembled on site; or alternatively, bitumen coated 0.55mm thick aluminium. The aluminium is supplied in rolls of the appropriate width which are cut, joined, folded and, where necessary, re-coated with bitumen to suit the particular building design. Both of these strip shielding materials are approved for use as part of the TrueForce System. Caution should be exercised however when using aluminium based strip shielding in highly corrosive environments. In such situations the PVC material is recommended.

Caring for the Environment

The natural stone material used to make TrueForce is a by-product of concrete and road sealing aggregate crushing. That portion of quarry output which is re-processed to make TrueForce. Crushing, screening, vacuuming, packaging and delivering the volume of TrueForce required to treat one home uses very little energy and has a low environmental impact. There are no chemicals added to TrueForce.

Installing TrueForce in a building actually reduces that structure’s energy demand because TrueForce also helps to insulate the underside and perimeter of concrete slabs. A 100mm layer of TrueForce has an ‘R’ value of 0.6.

Being a once-only treatment the efficiencies of TrueForce termite barriers multiply over time as other systems require r-application or replenishment.

The strip shielding materials used as part of the TrueForce System are manufactured. PVC strip shielding is made using some recycled plastics. Like the TrueForce graded stone, strip shielding can be re-used.

TrueForce Pty Ltd’s research and development efforts, in collaboration with the CSIRO, continue to refine sustainable termite protection techniques to better meet the requirements of architects, engineers and builders. Investigations into the use of lower impact recycled materials for TrueForce strip shielding and penetration collars are examples of the company’s innovative approach. Such innovation and flexibility ensures that TrueForce continues to be the responsible choice for termite protection.

Concrete Slabs as Termite Barriers

A concrete slab that remains free of cracks which run the full depth of the slab and are less than 1mm wide is considered to be a barrier to termites. Standard AS 3660.1. Protection of new buildings from Subterranean termites, makes this assertion. Where a slab is used as a barrier, only its perimeter, penetrations and joints require termite protection can still be installed beneath the slab as an added precaution.

In order to be deemed a termite barrier under AS 3660.1 the Standard requires that a slab must be designed and placed in accordance with those other standards that relate specifically to concrete slab design and placement, namely AS 2870 and AS3600.

The Cement and Concrete Association publishes a Concrete Information Booklet entitled Concrete as a termite barrier which references the relevant Standards. This booklet explains measures to control shrinkage cracking, the need for proper concrete mix design, compaction by mechanical vibration, through curing and reinforcement cover. In order to construct a concrete slab that works as a termite barrier, regardless of the other barrier products used in conjunction with it, proper regard should be given to the relevant Standards and the Concrete Information Booklet.


The TrueForce warranty package is described on the back of each TrueForce Treatment Certificate. The warranty package includes cover for termite damage resulting from faulty products and/or poor installation workmanship. Maintenance Guidelines that must be followed for maximum warranty cover are included further through this document.

No retreatments are required to retain warranty protection. Termite inspections carried out by a licensed inspector are not essential although such inspections are recommended. Close adherence to the instructions in the maintenance guidelines will ensure that the warranty remains valid.

In the event of subterranean termites entering a building protected by TrueForce through a termite barrier supplied by TrueForce Pty Ltd and damaging that building during the warranty term, the warranties provide for the making good of the damage. This includes termite damage to structural and non-structural components, fixtures and fittings, and subsequent damage necessarily caused during repairs.

The warranties cover the cost of labour and comparable materials to repair damage as a direct result of the subterranean termite penetration.

Licensed TrueForce Installers are required to maintain independent insurance that covers claims in relation to their TrueForce work. Run-down insurance is required of TrueForce installers leaving the termite protection industry. TrueForce Pty Ltd has independently underwritten insurance to cover its potential liability in relation to claims for product failures.

Pricing and Cost Considerations

The cost of termite damage can be very high. The cost of not using an approved termite barrier system installed by fully insured and trained trades people can also be very high. So what savings are there in using the fully approved, non-toxic TrueForce termite barrier system?

TrueForce is almost always cheaper than other recognised physical termite barrier systems. TrueForce pricing also compares very favourably with chemical termite barriers. This advantage is improved when the necessary costs of chemical retreatments are taken into account.

TrueForce installation is quick and simple. It can be carried out in all weather conditions without delaying other trades or risking the health of people on or nearby the site.

With TrueForce, customers get what they are paying for. TrueForce remains visible so proper treatment is easily checked. A comprehensive warranty package from product supplier and installer has full and independent insurance underwriting. TrueForce’s warranty coverage and duration leads the industry. Building owners are not required to pay on-going insurance premiums for this protection. This means that are builders are better protected.

Using TrueForce termite barriers lowers the risk of claims against builders and specifiers for termite damage. If claims do arise the owners’ warranty protection is extensive and clearly defined. This means that builders and specifiers do not suffer bad public relations or costly, nagging disputes – more real savings from using TrueForce.

When installing full underslab treatments, the underfloor TrueForce barrier replaces fill and thus another worthwhile saving is made.

TrueForce installers are independent, owner-operated businesses. They are not franchised and are free to work wherever they wish. Competition between installers ensures that TrueForce customers get the best prices, a choice of installers and good service.

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