The Black Widow Spider Control


Well, if you’ve read Charlotte’s Web recently, you know that Black Widow spiders are gentle, beautiful creatures who will befriend anyone—from a plump pig to a no-good rat! But is that reality or is it fantasy?

Well, here at TruForce Pest, we hate being the ones to burst this literary bubble, but the Black Widow spider isn’t harmless. And as anyone who’s lived long in Arizona knows, Black Widows are almost as common as crickets! We are the experts in Scottsdale pest control, Gilbert pest control, and Queen Creek pest control, and as such, we can attest to the downright danger posed by Charlotte and her next of kin, should you find them nesting in your garage or next to your swimming pool!

The truth is, the true Black Widow doesn’t inhabit Arizona. The species that does—Latrodectus Hesperus—can be identified by the reddish hourglass shape on the underside of her abdomen. She’s shiny black (maybe that’s why Fern and Wilbur called Charlotte beautiful!), and usually an inch and a half long. Only the female widow is venomous!

Though we haven’t heard of any reported fatalities from Black Widow spider bites in Arizona, a Black Widow’s bites are 15 times more poisonous than that of a Prairie Rattle Snake! (Now you’re listening!) If you’re bitten, you’ll know it! Symptoms include dry mouth, profuse sweating, swollen eyelids, and stomach pain so bad it feels like appendicitis.

The Black Widow loves living in undisturbed areas. Maybe under a step, or behind a paint can in the garage. If it’s dark, even better. And moist? Perfect! At TruForce Pest, we know how to think like a Black Widow as we go about locating and destroying her cozy hammocks. The problem with trying to kill a Black Widow yourself is, if you kill her but don’t find her egg sac, you may leave lots of little progenitors behind to infest another corner in your home or garden!

So how does TruForce Pest control your Black Widow infestation? How did we come to be known as “Best Pest Control Gilbert AZ?” or “Best Pest Control Scottsdale AZ?”  With over 10 years experience vanquishing venomous spiders, we’ve earned our stripes, or should we say we’ve earned spots!

If you want a permanent solution to your Black Widow problem, call TruForce today. We’ll find all the nesting spots you may be overlooking, spray and clear them out, and watch closely overtime for any new nests. Then next time you read Charlotte’s Web, it will just be a charming tale and not a nightmare too close to home!

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