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Pest Control in Queen Creek AZ

You may think it matters little what kind of ant you find stomping all over your countertops. But being an expert in all things pesky (and pest-y), we can tell you it does matter. Because different colonies of ants live in different surroundings, and at TruForce, we know all their tricks. Ant habitats may be in shallow soil, or in moist wood, under rocks, or around sinks and bathtubs. If we know the kind of ant that’s populating your home, we know how to put a bull’s eye on It, and remove the entire colony!

TruForce is an expert at all things pest-y. When we get a call from Queen Creek, whether it’s for scorpions, ants, bees, bedbugs, or termites, we’re equipped to find and eradicate them from your surroundings. Queen Creek pest control is hardly limited to these pests, but they’re the most frequent visitors we see. A colony of any one of them in your home or business will threaten to degrade your property values. Being on the outskirts of metropolitan Phoenix, Queen Creek is likely to see more problems with pests than other urbanized areas of the valley.

Let us help you identify your pests! We’d be happy to start by helping you decimate an ant colony on your own, with some of our best tips. There are relatively simple ways of wiping out a trail, eliminating food sources, and removing any future enticements. Things like petroleum jelly, cinnamon and boric acid may help you start building a barrier to future ant incursions.

Call today, and we’ll promise you our best professional advice, and if needed a plan for regular treatments. Check out our blog to learn about some of the most common pests in Queen Creek as well as ways you can remove them for good. Since most of our employees have lived in Arizona and worked in the pest control industry for years, we’re not likely to come across problems we haven’t seen before.

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