Proper pest control can be a tall order. If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to tackle pest control on your own, then get some help from the experts at TruForce Pest. We complete all of our initial estimates within 48 hours of the time you call and can start treatment immediately after that.

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Pest Control in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix is not only buzzing with more than 6 million residents, it’s buzzing with bees, bedbugs, ants, scorpions and spiders. In such a sprawling and urban area, bugs don’t have a hard time finding themselves a home which is why pest control in Phoenix is such an important thing to do. Many people think that pests in arizona can be exterminated or driven away with simple over the counter treatments, but that’s simply not the case.

If you’ve got an infestation on your hands, whether we’re talking commercial or residential pest control, you’re going to need professional help getting rid of it for good. Pests like spiders and ants are not only small enough to fit in hard to reach places, they and others–like cockroaches and scorpions–are very resilient and unlikely to go out without a fight. If its true that a cockroach could survive a nuclear winter, I’m going to venture to guess that they could weather a few drops of RAID you spray on them before they scurry into a crevice.

Phoenix pest control is a serious investment for homeowners and business owners alike, because both have an interest in keeping their property value high and stable. High numbers of pests or structural damage as a result of infestation can cost thousands of dollars in repairs, instead of the much smaller cost of regular treatments from a good Phoenix pest control company. TruForce Pest is in your corner, for all of your pest control needs. Call us for a free quote!

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