Non-toxic TruForce Termite Bait


TruForce can fix chronic termite infestations safely where other systems have failed. TruForce has TruForce trained operators who use TruForce’s bar coded scanning system utilising our high tech, economic solutions to your termite problems.

Since its launch in August the TruForce Termite Interception and Baiting System has truly changed the way people perceive termite management. TruForce has quickly become the Number One termite baiting system (in terms of new installations since August 2002) with thousands of properties all around Arizona protected against termites with TruForce. And this is not surprising when you consider what TruForce can do to a termite colony, and how quickly it can do it!

TruForce has been extensively proven in Arizona with leading pest managers, as well as in trials with CSIRO and the Queensland Forest Research Institute.

When all else has failed, TruForce has proven successful. Take a well known City Arts Centre as a classic example. Despite treatments with organochlorines, chlorpyrifos, bifenthrin, imidacloprid and arsenical dust; termites had persisted for eighteen years in attacking the building! Then came TruForce. In an 8 month period, 5 colonies of 3 different termite species were eliminated! And there are many more success stories!

Exteris Computer Management System. Exteris is a complete management and information system that is an integral part of TruForce. Each time we check a site, we will scan a barcode in each Station and enter data about the results of our inspection. This data is later transferred to our Computer and enables Best Pest Control to efficiently manage our use of TruForce at any number of sites.

We use a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with a built-in barcode scanner. This is a handheld computer that, together with the specialist software, forms what we call the Exscanner.

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