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Pest Control in Gilbert AZ: This is scorpion country!

One out of every two calls we get from Gilbert at TruForce is linked to scorpions. How’s that for a stinging fact? Here are a few reasons: it’s dry, there’s plenty of new construction, and scorpions are often on the move. If you decide to remodel your house, or build an add-on room, you’ll be stirring up dirt and if there are scorpions in the area, they’ll become restless. They’ll come inside your home, they’ll visit your neighbor, they’ll move up the street. They’ll be finding new nests throughout your neighborhood.

That’s when it’s time to call in a pest control professional. You can go on scorpion hunts at night, and remove debris and foliage from your yard, and even check every box or cabinet in the garage. But you’ll probably miss a lot of scorpions. That’s because they hide during the day, and love dark places.

TruForce has more than 10 years’ experience ridding Gilbert homes of scorpions. Our technicians will give you free advice and information to help you remove them yourself if you want. When it comes to scorpions and other pests in Gilbert, there are low and high seasons, which means our strategy of applying regular treatments in the amount prescribed, usually does the job.

If you hire us as your regular pest control partner, we can offer you a plan that’s affordable, and treatment that’s as minimal or maximal as you need. With summer coming, you can be assured that your home and business is protected from the obnoxious pests you’re likely to see multiply during the summer months.

Give us a call and we’ll take $80 off your first bill, just for finding us online! We truly look forward to squishing and vanquishing scorpions from where you live and work!

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