DIY ant control


What? An ant control expert giving away secrets? Why would a company like TruForce Pest, known for supreme pest control in Gilbert, pest control in Queen Creek, pest control in Scottsdale, and every other metropolitan city in Arizona, give you the tools to fight ants on your own?

Because we consider ourselves your partner in pest control!

If you have ant problems, there are things you can do to minimize it, and maybe even completely wipe it out, on your own. Then, if your ant problem continues and you need professional help, we’ll be there on the double.

If you have ants visiting you on a regular basis, it’s a good bet that they have a food source. Something’s attracting them to your house, to your garage, to your garden. For ant infestations in your home, there are some easy ways to remove the problem:

  • Get rid of the ants

Your first ant control step is asserting control over the ants! Remove them from wherever they’re colonizing. Wipe down the countertops, wash across the tile floor with a clean rag, or sprinkle some cornstarch on the carpet and vacuum them up from there. The cornstarch will coat them so they literally suffocate in the vacuum bag.

  • Get rid of their food source

Ants love sweet foods, greasy stuff, starchy snacks, and wet wood and plant material. So start a search and destroy mission…for crumbs, food left on countertops, jars with lids (the ants can make their way along the threads in the lid), even bags of pet food and kitchen scraps left in an open garbage can. Check the tops and sides of appliances where messes happen, behind the toaster and on the floor where spills happen. Start storing foods like honey, sugar and even cough syrup in the refrigerator. Your Queen Creek ant problems are about to cease!

  • Remove the ant trail

You and I can’t detect it, but there’s a chemical trail ants leave behind for other ants in order to lead them to a scintillating meal. So you must wipe down the trail the ants traveled to get to your food source. Use hot, soapy water, then spray a citrus-based repellant you can find at the grocery story along the trail. Some homeowners have tried sprinkling cinnamon and cayenne pepper along an ant trail with success.

  • Set out bait

To make sure your job is done, sprinkle some ant bait near the entry point of the ant trail. The best kinds are borax or boric acid-based, since they’re non toxic pest control agents. Ants will ingest the bait and carry it back to their colony and feed it to their friends and relatives. It’s a slow release poison to their system, so it will kill them in a relatively short time.

Finally, work to keep your home and yard free of ant food sources, and seal entry points to your home like door frames, window frames and around pipes, sinks and electric outlets.

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