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There are many many different Arizona ant species. The most common and infamous is the Fire Ant. They are large and come equipped with a painful bite. The fire ant is even featured in a few movies a torture device. But don’t believe everything you see in the movies. Arizona also has several different carpenter ant species and their own unique Leafcutting Ant. To learn more about these specific ant species and others click on the links to the left.

What is my best Ant Control Solution?

There are two ways to solve an ant problem. 1- Try Doing it yourself or 2- Hire a professional.

Doing it yourself is the cheap pest control solution. But be careful, using a generic or cheap pest control product will give you very inconsistent pest control results. Here you can find the best tips on how to get rid of sugar ants. Just buy the same professional pest control products and sprayer and there you have it. In fact, you can even get treatments down to $5 a month.

But doing pest control by yourself isn’t always easy and many people struggle with keeping up a regular treatment. If you cannot commit to spraying your own home monthly then you are better off using a professional. Not to mention the time you have to put into it. Is that $20 you may save really worth the hours you have to put into it? Plus all the headache of figuring out why it may not be working.

How Do You Select a Pest Control Service?

With the number of pest control options out there is can be difficult to decide who to pick. Will you get more service and attention from a mom and pop company? Will you get more experience and more consistency from a national pest control company? Mom and pops can be bit cheaper, but so can the products they use. Perhaps a smaller cheaper family pest control service is better than doing nothing at all, but if you want to save a buck or two then you are better off doing your own pest control.

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