All the Dirt on Arizona’s Top 10 Pests


Here’s our list of top ten pests, in no particular order:

  1. Scorpions

Queen Creek pest control took on a specific challenge some 5-6 years ago when whole communities were being developed in what was once desert. That’s because scorpions are generally happiest in the desert, in the bark of trees, and hiding in leaves and debris. When houses take the place of sycamore groves, it stirs up the local scorpion communities and they go places they wouldn’t otherwise inhabit: your home! Our local variety, the Bark Scorpion, is the only one that can climb, as attested to by homeowners who’ve seen them on ceilings, in curtains and on shower doors. The scorpion’s sting can be life-threatening, especially to young children and the elderly.

  1. Ants

Ant control in AZ is complicated by the fact that all ants are not the same. We boast healthy populations of Southern fire ants, thief ants, carpenter ants, black carpenter ants and pyramid ants. TruForce knows ants! From their differing habitats (in shallow soil, in moist wood, with and without tunnels, under rocks, around walkways and foundations, under floors and around sinks and bathtubs) to what knocks them cold, we can help you remove ants from your home forever.

  1. Black Widow Spider

Pest control Gilbert AZ almost had a new chapter recently when a woman found a black widow staring her in the face when she got into her car. She was backing out of her garage, and nearly hit a bicyclist on the sidewalk! The black widow found in Arizona is actually a different species than the true black widow, but it is similarly venomous, shiny black and around 1.5 inches long. The black widow bite can result in abdominal pain similar to appendicitis, and pain in the muscles and feet. TruForce has seen every possible nest for these creative web spinners, and can delete them from your property.

  1. Roaches

What most people don’t know about roaches is they can transmit disease in their saliva and excrement. They can contaminate food you don’t even realize is accessible to them, since they usually only come out at night. They can also cause respiratory problems for those sensitive to the allergens they produce. Unfortunately, many species of roaches have adapted to living indoors with humans! Usually they prefer warm, dark, humid spaces, and can find cracks under, around or inside cupboards to hide. It’s important to talk with your pest control specialist about where cockroaches may be hiding in your home.

Pests 5-10 are not as common as the previous four.

  1. Brown Spider

The brown spider is pest control Scottsdale AZ’s latest fright! A homeowner there found a nest of hundreds outside his home. Brown spiders often live in large numbers. Their bite can create a harmful destruction to skin tissue.

  1. Crickets

Crickets come in two varieties in Arizona—the Indian House cricket and the field cricket. While their chirping is annoying, crickets rarely carry disease. They can cause damage to clothing and fabrics, so should not be ignored.

  1. Termites

Termites have become pest control AZ’s main attraction over the past 2-3 decades with rampant new home building. They either nest in wood or soil, and can cause significant damage to wood frame homes. TruForce can check out your home and surrounding buildings to rule out termite damage.

  1. Bed bugs

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans, and can transmit diseases when they inject saliva during feeding. We can detect telltale signs on bedsheets and even odors that indicate the presence of bed bugs. A few simple tips like regular laundering of bedsheets and vacuuming furniture unholstery can greatly reduce the chance of a bed bug infestation.

  1. Ticks

Ticks feed on whole blood, then inject the fluid from the blood back into their host, spreading a variety of diseases and toxins. Pest control Queen Creek AZ has never been the same since an infestation there erupted after a dog tick uncharacteristically attacked its human family!

  1. Bees and wasps

Bees and wasps inject venom which can sometimes create a serious allergic reaction. Certain times of the year, bee and wasp activity is higher. Stinging usually occurs when a nest is disturbed. A large community of wasps or bees should never be removed without the help of a professional.

TruForce Pest’s reputation as the Arizona extermination experts is based on a long history studying the unique problems and challenges relating to pests native to our state. We’re not just experts in Gilbert pest control or Scottsdale pest control. We are consulted for our wide experience treating infestations of Arizona pests thousands of times over, and for a success rate that’s second to none!

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