We Guarantee all Arizona General Pests

TruForce Pest is second to none when it comes to flushing out uninvited guests that have intruded in your living space. A home is a place where you should be able to feel safe and find refuge from potentially dangerous pests. Here is Arizona our homes are part of the natural desert landscape, and it’s not uncommon for some of the native residents to use our homes as their own. There are several insects like spiders and scorpions, which are common in here that can pose a real threat to family members and pets.

To make sure that your home is safe from potentially harmful bites and stings it is absolutely necessary that you have a professional handle the extermination.

Arizona Pest Control: Leave It To The Pros

While some of you avid “do-it-yourselfers” may see this as just another weekend project to tackle, getting rid of pests is a long-term process that can take several treatments and weeks to complete. One of the things that we pride ourselves on at TruForce Pest, is that we use only the highest quality materials available. Our insect killing product is micro-encapsulated to produce a time released, long-lasting effect that continues to work several weeks after it’s been sprayed.

We use high pressure power washers that are designed to help us get to those hard to reach places and flush pests out of their homes. While our equipment is second to none, we still realize that effective pest management comes from a systematic approach. We’ll treat each and every home individually, because no two cases are the same. We guarantee our strategy and stand by all of our work. TruForce Pest truly does provide the highest quality of pest control of any company in Arizona.

The TruForce Difference

TruForce Pest is leading the industry with customized pest control services in Arizona. We not only offer, but guarantee long-term solutions to your pest problems. Our comprehensive treatment is designed to outperform the competition and leave home owners feeling safe and secure from harmful insects and rodents.

We believe in not only effectively managing pest problems but in also creating lasting relationships with our clients. Your comfort and safety is important to us, and we are committed to providing unparalleled results with each and every visit. There are 3 major differentiating factors that set us apart from other pest control companies:

  1. Better Products – Superior protection and prevention begins with superior products. Not only are our products non-toxic and completely safe for your family and pets, but they also provide unsurpassed results; knocking down most pests within 15 minutes, as well as delivering residual treatment in the weeks that follow. Our formula is micro-encapsulated and time released, meaning that are products continue to work long after our visit. In addition to our non-toxic products we also offer a complete line of 100% organic products for the environmentally conscious consumer.
  2. Better Technicians – Our highly skilled technicians are not only thoroughly trained, but clean-cut as well. All employees receive a background check and ongoing training to make sure that they exceed industry standards. We understand that letting someone you don’t know very well into your home can be a little uncomfortable- this is why we work hard to maintain our appearance and build trust with all of our clients.
  3. Better Prevention – Better products and better technicians lead to better prevention. Our no-nonsense approach to pest elimination consists of completely flushing the pests from inside your home and then regularly applying a large-perimeter barrier to prevent pests from re-entering. Our approach has proven effective for thousands of homeowners and we are so confident that it will work for you, that we guarantee all of our work.

At TruForce Pest we go above and beyond the call of duty and work hard to earn your business. We stand by our products, technicians, and our approach for eliminating pest problems, no matter how severe they may be. Call TruForce Pest today and schedule your free estimate. (480) 382-5222