5 Simple Ways to be Pest-Free in AZ


You may think that having “scorpions and roaches and spiders, oh my!” in and around your house means you’re either a bad housekeeper or you’re not vigilant enough about keeping things neat and organized. Au, contraire! While it is true that some insects feed on dirt and grime, and crumbs and crud, it’s more likely that cracks and crevices are to blame in your latest infestation.

In a recent article on “Queen Creek Pest Control,” a local news reporter found that even in the most dire situations, such as rampant scorpion invasions here to scorpions section on website found in new housing developments, homeowners teaming up with pest control companies had the greatest success in completely ridding their homes and property of the unwanted guests.

That’s why we’re offering you 5 simple ways to be pest-free in Arizona. Any AZ exterminator can provide monthly service, but TruForce will help you “pest-erize” your home using our wealth of experience in dealing with the most common pests we find throughout the state: scorpions, ants, spiders and roaches, not to mention crickets, termites, bed bugs and ticks.

So here are our top 5 tips for keeping your home pest-free in Arizona—besides using simple sanitation and cleanup procedures:

  1. Screen any opening with a screen of 20 mesh or finer. This includes doors and windows that remain closed.
  2. Place a door sweep or door seal at the bottom or side of any door leading outside. This includes front and back doors, garage doors and even sliding glass doors that can be lined with foam weather strips.
  3. Seal all other openings, from those where pipes and wires enter the house, to cracks around windows and doors, using good quality silicone or acrylic latex caulk. Cover openings like those in the attic or above the chimney with wire mesh.
  4. Repair any leaky pipes, as it removes moisture for those pests who are drawn to moldy, dank areas.
  5. Store food, including pet food, in airtight containers. Even jars can be penetrated by tiny insects making their way along the thread of a lid.

Pest control in Gilbert and pest control in Queen Creek is basically the same as pest control in Tucson and pest control in Scottsdale: doing your best to create barriers using the tips above, while TruForce Pest does the rest!

TruForce Pest isn’t just about Scottsdale pest control or Gilbert pest control or pest control in any other city in which you live. We’re the experts in ensuring you a pest-free future! What that means is using the best scientific methods for keeping bugs and spiders away, while educating you, our customer, in ways you can reinforce the barriers to those pesky critters ever returning.

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